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Behind the scenes, Moncler reveals secrets from over-gas down jacket to do luxury

Thursday, February 22, 2018 7:20:42 PM America/Los_Angeles

Founded in 1952 by the French entrepreneur René Ramillon, Cheap Moncler outlet online started out as a producer of professional downwear products such as ski suits. The company's name is taken from the abbreviation of Monestier-de-Clermont, a small town in the Alps that provided uniforms for the French Olympic Ski Team . In 2003, bankrupt Moncler was acquired by Italian entrepreneur Remo Ruffini, who now serves as chairman and CEO of the company.

Born in Como, Northern Italy Remo Ruffini, because of the cold weather in his hometown, laid a complex for the Moncler skiwear. Moncler had become a local cultural phenomenon in the 1970s, and every teenager dreamed of having such a ski suit, and at the age of 14 Remo Ruffini begged her to buy him the first Moncler.

Early Remo Ruffini (below) worked in the United States, serving his father's textile company, returned to Italy in the 1980s and founded the clothing brand New England. In 2000 he sold his own brand and started as creative advisor to two brand holding companies Moncler and Frette.

In 2003, Remo Ruffini decided to acquire Moncler, a "world of war", hoping to bring it back to its heyday. At that time, the brand production base had been moved to Madagascar and the quality of products had been rapidly declining. Before and after the comparison of acquisitions, Moncler 2003 annual sales of 62 million US dollars, by 2010 has grown to 368 million.

Ruffini not only saved Moncler, but also made it into an international mainstream luxury brand with more than 200 stores worldwide, while giving the European brand's sense of premium to the American trend and business philosophy.

Regarding the blending of Italian and American culture within the Moncler brand, Remo Ruffini argued that "the most important thing is not forgetting your roots, but at the same time always embracing a new culture with an eye for the future so you can get it Creativity and motivation. "

Recently, Moncler won the WWD Honor for Best-Performing Company (Large Cap) award by WWD, the US fashion business media. In an exclusive interview with WWD, Remo Ruffini briefed several key watersheds in the company's development since he took over Moncler in 2003:

Remo Ruffini acquired Moncler in its first few years as a "foundation-based process." At this stage, he is most important is the overall image of products and companies to upgrade, the production center will be relocated to the Italian territory of the Veneto, in all respects brand restructuring. "My goal at the time was to move Moncler out of the sportswear store and into a completely different channel." And the next thing to do is to change the mindset of consumers, Remo Ruffini said, starting with wholesale and domestic businesses To the international retail market a huge leap forward. In 2007, Moncler opened its first physical store, a very crucial step, implying a completely new mechanism.

Successful listing of Moncler is a large-scale development of international markets, the beginning of global visibility. (See "gorgeous" related reports: Moncler get rid of redundant brands, light market) Remo Ruffini individuals in Moncler IPO and IPO planning process plays a crucial role. He believes that the private equity fund investment cycle only 3 to 5 years to withdraw, if Moncler want to obtain sustained financial support, you must take the listing of this road. Of course, choose the timing of the market is not eager for success, to meet the expectations of shareholders.

Moncler was successfully listed in Milan at the end of 2013 after the market failed to hit the market in 2011. As a result of the unprecedented market reaction, IPO subscriptions eventually reached 31 times of the circulation, surpassing that of the European capital markets by the end of the year Luxury goods IPO (more than Ferragamo 344 million euros financing scale). Since then, Moncler's share price has been hovering for a long time, with its current market capitalization reaching 6.3 billion euros this year as its performance has shown a strong upward trend over the majority of the industry's luxury brands and share prices have soared to historic highs.

Remo Ruffini said the market offers a much broader stage for Moncler Top Quality Down Jacket . This year coincided with the tenth anniversary of his acquisition of the company, after the listing of Moncler has completely different from that time, has become a real industry giants shoulder to shoulder the luxury company.

The first half of this year, Moncler sales rose 18% to 407.6 million euros, net profit rose 25% to 41.8 million euros, setting a record for 14 consecutive quarters since the market in 2013 to achieve double-digit sales growth record, the channels and Market performance go hand in hand. (See "gorgeous" related reports: Moncler released the first half of 2017 earnings: sales for the 14th consecutive quarter to achieve double-digit growth)

The third stage, Moncler amazing market growth has attracted more and more investors. Remo Ruffini said Mittel, The Carlyle Group, Eurazeo and later institutional investors Temasek, the Singapore sovereign fund, and Dufry, the Swiss travel retailer, were among the most important companies in the development strategy He and I reached a high degree of agreement. Currently, he still holds an indirect 20% stake in Moncler. About Moncler after the listing of equity changes, see "gorgeous" related reports:

Moncler IPO subscription was berserk

Moncler major shareholder Eurazeo rallies shipped

Moncler will usher in two new institutional investors, the current CEO part of the cash holdings

Moncler major shareholder Eurazeo again sold 6% stake, net profit as high as 190 million euros

Following the consumer demand, product diversification

Remo Ruffini's keen fashion business insight allowed him to detect high-end consumer tastes and changes in demand at an early age: they preferred to spend $ 1,000 on a lightweight down jacket rather than a heavy, traditional jacket because the former's lightweight features apply to Various business and skiing outdoor sports needs.

Under the guidance of this line of thought, Remo Ruffini started with a down-sleeping bag as an inspiration for the reform of high-end lightweight down jackets, using a more complex, stylish, technologically safer and more profitable fabric made of lightweight fiber and even introduced Down jacket for the summer (for travelers to wear when the temperature plunges). He jokes: "While the need for comfort now has the tendency to go beyond elegant looks, you can not always walk into an investment bank in colorful, traditional ski suits."

Moncler Mens Jackets not only hired well-known designers Giambattista Valli, Thom Browne, respectively, under the brand women's deputy line, men's Vice line series, in addition to quarterly with Nicolas Ghesquière, Junya Watanabe (Maitreya Mi), Chitose Abe, Erdem Moralioglu, Masaaki Homma (Here chapter) and many other internationally renowned designers to launch co-branded, capsule series, under the premise of maintaining a high degree of brand DNA under the premise of increasing brand fashion, to meet the needs of different segments and ages of consumers. In 2005, Moncler launched the first collaboration with Majutsu Mabuchi, a Japanese master of design, and Remo Ruffini said proudly: "Nobody was doing this kind of cooperation at the time and Moncler was the first one."

At the same time, Moncler, which was originally focused on jackets, started to diversify into more diversified categories such as knitwear, shoes, handbags and accessories as well as seeking differentiated competition with other high-end brands. This is evident in the dismantling of traditional luxury goods stores (in the words of Remo Ruffini: the usual accessories in front and clothing behind) and the salient character of the product. Remo Ruffini even strives to be unique in the design of fashion shows. 2016 In the brand 2017 spring and summer Milan show, two male models dressed in Moncler jacket dressed as a bear looks from the jungle into the audience's perspective, in 2011 Moncler invited 180 skaters in New York's Central Park on the same stage Dancing picture has become a classic.

Always customer-centric

Remo Ruffini introduction, his biggest interest now is the digital technology is applied to daily work, to understand the customer's spending behavior. Remo Ruffini firmly believes that the proportion of luxury e-commerce sales will far exceed the industry forecast of 20%. He believes that luxury executives should be the first customer communication, exaggerated point that the best is "to know each customer."

As a loyal fan of Moncler itself, Remo Ruffini has full knowledge of the brand's consumers. "There has been a huge change in the mindset of ski lovers in the past five years, when people used to wear ski suits to ski and wear what they wear right now, and they are no longer willing to ski in colorful jackets. The new favorite, so we developed a 100% waterproof wool ski suit. "

Moncler now takes the form of an all-encompassing, phasing out all distribution, authorized distributors and agencies a few years ago to deliver a strong brand emotion through direct dialogue with consumers.

Review Moncler rapid growth in recent years, Remo Ruffini said modestly, he never thought that the brand can be so fast development. In addition to growth, he always put product quality and handle customer relationships equally important position.

Commenting on the often-talked "storytelling" approach to current brand marketing tactics, Remo Ruffini insists that he's been talking about Moncler's history, not just "storytelling." In the marketing process, adhere to the brand transparency, listen to the shareholders' suggestions, but will always follow the company's own clear growth strategy. Remo Ruffini's vision for Moncler's long-term growth is to create a strong, unique and steady growth that will not compromise.

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